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Upcoming events


Two new events have been added to the CIO Calendar, both hoping to raise awareness of housing for homeless.  You can find the link on the top menu bar.  If you have any events that you’d like to promote through Melbourne CIO, please comment with the details.



2010 Melbourne Squatters Guide!


CIO proudly presents the 2010 Melbourne Squatters Guide!  Updated and full of all sorts of useful info for squatters or those just thinking about it.  Check it out on the menu bar, or access the link directly here! Coming soon, the full downloadable booklet that you can print out and have to hold and love and call your own.

Melbourne. City is ours. May Day action.


May Day Housing Action

At 1.30pm on May 1st 2010 activists from the City Is Ours dropped a banner reading “Rising Rents = Rising Homeless” from the seventh floor of an overpriced apartment block across from Flinders Street train station. The action was taken in solidarity with similar events being held across the US by the Take Back The Land group ( and highlighted the rental rip offs taking place in Melbourne, including landlords charging $480 a week for tiny spaces in the building from which the banner was hung. Passersby, including a huge contingent of the undead taking part in a Zombie walk, gave the banner the thumbs up. Flyers highlighting the human cost of the city’s rental crisis (text below) were also handed out.

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