Here are some facts about homelessness in Victoria from the It Takes A Home Campaign factsheet:

On Census night 2006:
• 23,299 people were counted as homeless, including 2,204 people ‘sleeping rough’ (without any shelter or accommodation at all) and 2,789 living in caravan parks.

• Almost half of the homeless were young people under 24.

• One in three homeless Victorians was a child under 12.

Specialist homelessness services reported in 2008-09:

• 58,600 men, women and children accessed homelessness services in Victoria.

• Nationally, more than half of all people and 70% of children needing immediate accommodation were turned away.

Housing Affordability:

• In 2007 more than one million Australian families were experiencing housing stress – paying more than 30% of their income on housing.

• As of 30 June 2010, 41,017 applicants were on the public housing waiting list in Victoria.

• State and federal governments have responded to the housing affordability crisis by providing new money for social housing through the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan, which will deliver more than 4,400 new social homes in Victoria.

For information on homelessness read the full It Takes A Home Campign factsheet by clicking here.