Picket Australia’s Worst Landlord Frank Cassar

Saturday March 5, Noon onwards

Inner City Towing and Smash Repairs, 64 Kerr St, Fitzroy

Above: Today Tonight story from 2006

Frank Cassar has been accurately labeled Australia’s Worst Landlord. He steals tenants’ bonds, refuses to carry out repairs, enters homes without proper written notice, and demands money when none is owed. Despite numerous media stories on Cassar’s willingness to prey on international students, single mothers, travellers and low income earners, Cassar is still operating his rental properties, including those around the Fitzroy area. Dozens of VCAT Tribunal orders have been made, demanding that he pay tenants what he owes them, but Cassar believes he is above the law and the orders never get paid.

On Sat 5th March at 12pm, a picket will take place at his business, Inner City Towing and Smash Repairs, at 64 Kerr st, Fitzroy. This will demand he pay what he owes to tenants, highlight the failure of regulators to deal with such scammers and warn off those who might otherwise rent from him.  This picket will be attended by various media outlets, which should mitigate any hesitation to attend the picket based on reports of Cassar’s violence and the violence of his thug sons and stand-over men. Please pass on the word, both about the picket and why this landlord must be avoided.